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Excalibur Auto Wash & Detailing offers quality auto care and car detailing services that are backed by experience and quality, providing services that conveys our love for cars. We can't help but to put in all our time and effort into cars.

We use our cars daily and it deserves to be given the care they need and get back that brand new feeling and  showroom look once again.


 - Is  your car sitting on the driveway or in the garage collecting dust, dirt and grime?

 - Are you selling your car and need it cleaned and shined to improve its look and increase value?

 - When was the last time you gave it a thorough cleaning that it deserve?

Are you tired of washing and cleaning your car after a day or even a week of hard work?

 - Don't have the time to do all the cleaning, buffing, and vacuuming for your car?

We are currently operating mobile and will come to you to care for your car offering a range of quality services for Perth, ranging from quick-basic car wash when you need to get that car clean and shiny - to a comprehensive detailing service that will get your car shined up to look and feel like that brand new car fresh off the showroom.


Every effort is ensured to make every job the best job. If you love your car, give it the special treatment it deserves. Call us now, we strive for quality and your satisfaction providing high quality service North and South of Perth.